Piacere, Mariachiara

I was born in the year of the first inter-species heart transplant. Perhaps that is why I do not like to be confined to one area of interest.

I love birthdays because they mean survival, masks because they reveal details, steps because they move ideas, ideas because they create paths.

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What do I do?

πολύτροπος (polytropos) is the adjective that accompanies and defines Ulysses in the Odyssey. Multiform, which in Greek contains places, ideas, problems, solutions. Today we would call it a multipotentialite perhaps.

This is the approach I have chosen for my life after so much wandering: to embrace different interests and skills, mine and others’, and make them travel together, like a crew able to take the ship to its destination, or face the next exploration.

Ethics of emerging technologies

Given the social and anthropological effects we could observe as a consequence of the adoption of digital technologies, my personal research aims at integrating ethical considerations into not only the design but also the implementation of new technologies, drawing in particular on affordance theory to shift the perspective. 

My talk at AWE Wien: From Innovation to Responsibility: Forging Ethical Frameworks in the Era of Emerging Tech


I’m a published author, my first book came out in 2020, and since then I’ve written essays, articles, monologues to be read at public events. I’m working on a couple of new projects that I cannot dliclosure yet.

Lettere all’Estate

Project design & PM

Design Thinking and brain-storming techniques, sprint management, team building and leadership.

A project I’m proud of: got the Creative Mornings Milan community back on its feet during pandemics.

Metaverse & XR

Switching from “what is Metaverse” to “what can I do with it”: I had the chance to work for a Metaverse
startup, learning from the questions of clients and studying with researchers, including being a co-rapporteaur for graduation thesis.

A project which got
the attention of neuromarketing experts: INDA Metaverse


I suffer from endometriosis, and the pain I had to endure is not limited to the physical consquences of the condition, but has been caused by late diagnosis, dismissive behaviour of doctors and friends, lack of research and awareness. The battle of endometriosis is a feminist battle tout-court, as prof. Pietro Signorile said. A battle I fight with the association Eva In Rosso.

Discover Eva In Rosso

Working for the good

Vocations may not always land you a dream job, but volunteering lets your values leave their mark. Working to these two projects, much bigger than myself, means for me working towards a future where every voices counts, and everyone counts and can be taken care of.

Creative Mornings Milan

I became the host (leader) of the Milan chapter of Creative Mornings in 2020, during the pandemics. Difficult as it was, it gave me a completely different perspective on how creativity and sharing of one’s projects can help foster a community where every person is truly welcomed with their identity, ideas, dreams.

Creative Mornings is a free monthly breakfast lecture series designed for creative communities, founded by Tina Roth-Eisenberg in 2008 with a simple concept: breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning a month. Every event is free of charge and open to anyone, thanks to our sponsors.

Speakers include professional creators, designers, photographers and illustrators. CreativeMornings hosts events in 238 cities worldwide in 69 countries.

Il Festival del Ciclo Mestruale

Third edition from 24 to 26 May 2024

To change the narrative about the menstrual cycle, and recognise it as a key issue for health and gender equality.
The Festival was created to bring together different figures involved in menstrual disclosure. It is an event where one can inform, confront and entertain, through talks, workshops, concerts and stand-up comedy.

The content will space from cyclicity; (in)fertility; reproductive rights; Period Equity, accessibility and Tampon Tax; menarche and menopause; climate and humanitarian crises; sexuality and pain.

for the Good

Latest projects

Metaverse, Implemented – Paper for European Metaverse Research Network conference 2025

Barcelona – DISCOVER

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Illustration for L’Ombra delle Donne

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